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new ecu?


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yeah hi just got a ecu today was fitted to a mx5 1.8 bp with turbo conversion. i want to fit it to bf 323 1.6 turbo. not sure what ecu it is g2 g3 ect ect ,has some numbers inside mx36 tt2avo 131000. also were can i get a wiring diagram for this ecu, as i need to know which colour wires do what and were they go. also it looks like the power/ground and trigger are all picked up at the coil packs as i cant see any other main power wires ect. any help would be a great, cheers chris

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What you have is a TurboLink 2.  It is not a full engine management ECU but rather an additional injector controller and timing modifier.  It is designed for generating timing retard and adding extra fuel on engines that have been converted to forced induction running the factory ECU.  An instruction manual can be downloaded HERE.

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yeah i found the download for mu ecu and got all the info i needed excellent. i now have a problem and i discibe it as best as posible. i connected up the ecu hooked up power swiched, connected earth point seperatly, found my trigger from cam angle sensor (in dizzy type) connected green wire, 12v at tdc (not sure about the 12v i thought it should be 5.5 or 6.0v). connected up my injectors vr4 low imp, i also have the resistors fitted big gold type things, so i thought it would be ok. i then tested the trigger signal at the ecu plug withg out the ecu connected, 12v at connector ok, i then plug in the ecu and the voltage goes to 1 volt and there was also no power coming out the other side blue wire. and i also have 12v at orange injector wire and 12v on the othe injector wire also. as this ecu is used is it posible that i have purchased a lemon, so can i get it tested or can i get it repaired ect. cheers thanks for your help ,very pusseled.

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This unit could be a lemon...  It can be sent back for testing if required.  Lets check you wired it correctly:

  1. Cut the wire going from the factory ECU to the ignition module (igniter)

  2. Green Wire - Connects to the cut wire coming from the ECU
  3. Blue - Connect to the cut wire going to the distributor

  4. Red - +12V ignition switched or same power supply as factory ECU
  5. Blacks - Connect both to the engine block
  6. Orange - Connect to the ground side of your ADDITIONAL injectors.  Power the other side of the injectors from the factory injector power supply.
Note that this unit does not connect to the cam angle sensors signal to the factory ECU.  It connects between the ECU and the igniter...

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