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Knock internal On

Andy Drummond

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Have Extreme aluminum case and sun set sky, with latest firmware. Has the two wired in knock inputs.

When on line the Knock setup turns OFF, still can have the tables visible.

So you set it to ON internal, the setup page splashes up then disappears and the mode goes back to OFF.

My other problem is with Aux GP PWM output, the SWOff Timer is limited to 12.7 seconds where the max shows as 25 sec. What is the max value? Is there a option to have it higher say 60 seconds.

Any ideas on the issues?



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Hi Andy,

The Xtreme should not be behaving this way with the knock menu, can you please send your basemap to [email protected] so we can try and get this fault resolved.

I will also have a look at your timer setup at the same time, I believe the timers can be set for up to 60 seconds. I will verify this when I test your base-map.



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