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ls1 trigger probs

sam main

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hi guys bit of a newbe done some reserch on ls1 trigger and it seems thay r 24 tooth but none missing

g4+ options are ls1 5- 10 and ls1 3-12 im gesing is nether so do i select  muilti tooth and enter 24 but also ther is no external timing marks on the engine so how do i then sort the trigger offset

no mark on the puly to check on a timing tight dose this mean the timing offset is just 0 and no need for timing light

and how dose it no 360 has gone with no teeth missing is it from  the 1 tooth cam trigger

i have set up my m50 bmw from scratch and it made sens start to finish and started right up but i dont get this one

keen to learn thanks guys

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Im picking you have the LS1 in the BMW.

The LS1 trigger whell is a little different to most and there were two variations, hence the two modes.

If it is a stock LS1 trigger then one of the two modes will work while the other will not give a stable RPM.

The 5-10 or 3-12 refers to the tooth widths.

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just one last q befor i fire this beast in to life the ls trigger has a 8v a signal and a ground its that ground a ecu sensor ground or straight to the block also my ecu is now setup for power hold with the ignition in di3 and power hold in aux 10 is it safe to power it up and config the software quickly  or will i need to power it up the original way and config it first


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