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EGR With Link G4

Ben Jones

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Hey Guys,

Any possibility of me being able to get EGR working?  The motor seems to use a 6wire stepper/solenoid on the EGR valve.  Im just trying to boost cruise fuel economy as much as possible.  Ive got a lot of input/outputs spare and figured this would be a good use if at all possible.

A bit of feedback; im a very happy customer!  The car is ten times nicer to drive on the G4.  Once ive got closed loop lambda sorted - im sure my fuel economy will come back up.  After the whole process of buying, installing and fine tuning (Keith Stewart did the hard bit) it has been a rewarding experience and the quality of materials and support provided has exceeded expectations.  Have just purchased a Peugeot for the track and plan on getting the Link wired into it in good time.

* One small bug ive noticed is the gear indicator in the PC Link software reports 5th gear as 6th.  Just thought id let ya know!

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