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3sgte cop setup

kris lee

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hi ive fitted 1zz coils to my 3sgte, have set it to direct spark,

what should i set the max advance to? it says 42.0 btdc at the moment do i change this?

also is it meant to be set to rising or falling edge?

and what ms do i set the spark duration to?

is there anything else i need to change on the software to get it running?


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recently setup my 3sgte for coilpacks

max advance is still set at 42.0 with a spark duration of 1.2

set to rising edge for 1zz coilpacks

I initially had problems getting the engine fired

I still take the triggers from the distributor NE IS crank AND G1 + G2 are cam

I initially wired to G1 and found this to be 180 degrees out so engine wouldn't run

just wired to G2 instead and engine started straight away

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just tried this but still no start, it did splutter a bit tho like it was wanting to start but couldn't I've tested all the coils and they all spark is there anyway it could be sparking in the wrong order? Or does the ecu work out when to fire it? At wits end here as need the car back on road

thanks in advance

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You will need to check the timing and do a trigger calibration.

Check also that you have the firing order entered correctly in the ECU. 

Make sure you have also set the ignition mode to direct spark.

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Hi Simon thanks for the fast reply, the ignition timing is at factory 10 btdc with the timing light, car was running great before I changed to coils, what I have done so far is wired coil 1 to ign 1 coil 2 to ign 2 amd so on, then set ign type to direct spark done a ign test each coil fired, I set the spark duration to 1.2 and rising edge as Ian said i also cut g1 from the dizzy amd connected g2 insstead, when turNing engine over trig 1 and trig2 both say ok, however trig error count goes red amd starts counting, I haven't done a trigger calibration yet, also how do I enter the fire order correctly in the software? I can send a copy of the map if it helps? 

Many thanks

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Got the map and all looks ok but would up the dwell times a bit.

The trigger errors will be an issue as these should be stable, you might get one or two at first crank.

If these are counting up the trigger inputs might be a bit low requiring lower arming voltages or you could also be getting noise on the triggers.

The firing order can be entered in the main configuration menu.

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