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LEM G3: Other mechanisms for feature selection?

Andrew Carr

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The main limitation I have found with the LEM G3 is the single digital input, I fully understand that this is a hardware limitation and that the LinkPlus G3 overcomes this aswell as adding many more features. On all the G3s I have installed (on Imprezas) I have used D1 for speed input to allow gear dependent boost control, but this leaves other, very capable, features such as map switching and motorsport options only selectable via PCLink or permanently enabled. Is it possible to implement other mechanisms for option selection? Even if it was only at power on and not available 'on the fly' it would make the ECU massively more flexible (IMHO). As well as using an analogue input as a switch there are also options such as throttle position at power on or allowing D1 to be used for feature selection when the engine is off (via a momentary switch) and for speed input when the engine is running? Andrew...

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