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Problem with logging AFR

Japso P

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Hi Guys.

I have also confirmed this, however there is a work around.  No doubt this will go on a list of bugs to iron out.  When using PC logging, this is not an issue at all (just proved it on my bench).  The problem only exists on ECU Logging, and I have only tested this in (so possibly previous versions too).

When using the 'ECU' logging feature, and wanting to log AFR, it appears you have to set the logging parameter up as the channel the WB is on (will come up as An V4 - Wideband).  Weirdly enough, the logging will start to work as it should by displaying AFR on this channel.

Let me know how that goes, I think this will resolve your immediate problem of 'hard to tune' as doing this should see you with an AFR data stream.


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