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No longer able to connect to ECU

Robert Larsson

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Ok, here goes:

Car is a 1995 Nissan 200SX S14 (zenki) with the Link G4 plugin. Has been running fine since tune last year, but recently, the CEL came on. Connected my laptop, and the error code was that AN Volt 5 (my TPS) was below error value. and it would come back instantly when clearing the code. Ok, so last night I decide to check what's wrong. I first checked that the TPS was ok, and it seemed to be (it's a 3-wire Bosch). While I was checking the wires and the TPS, I noticed my splice(join of the wires were looking half bad (they were joined/spliced since this TPS isn't the stock one), so I decide to redo them. Did that, cleared fault codes again, still coming back.. This shouldn't really have to do with what happened next, because from out of nowhere, the fuel pump starts running (I had the ignition on/engine off to check the error code with the laptop), and not stopping. Me and my friend who was with me, were pretty dumbfounded. What just happened?

That's when I also realized I lost contact with the ECU. I turn off the ignition, and now when I turn it on, it's the same thing all the time - fuel pump keeps running and I cannot connect to the ecu. I am horribly afraid of my ECU being dead, please tell me it isn't... Didn't do much more last night though. It should be added that my fuel pump is running off the battery with a relay in the trunk, where my battery is also located.

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Hi Robert,

Did you by chance also attempt a firmware upgrade at the time.

I would also check your ECU power supply, make sure that you haven't blown a fuse .

When the ECU has no power the outputs switch to ground, however one would think your cooling fans etc would also come on.

The power from the ECCS relay goes to ECU pin 38.

If the ECU has no power then you will not be able to connect.



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