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Can a GTR-Link G4 be modified to run High Impedence Injectors without resistors?

Chris Vautier

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Hi Chris.

To give you some more definition to this, we consider the following as high and low impedance...

More than 6ohms = High Impedance : Less than 6ohms = Low Impedance

As Steve suggests, you will only need ballasting on low impedance injectors, as they do not have enough resistance.  Some resistance in the circuit is needed, or the injector will draw to much current through the injection drivers, resulting in over working and damaging them.


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I would stay away from ballast resistors on large low impedance injectors. You simply cut yourself short in the response time. FJO Racing Products and AEM make a nice peak-and-hold driver for systems that cannot support large low impedance injectors. With a proper setup, you should be able to run injector cycles down to 0.7 msec. I've encountered too many issues with resistor boxes to ever recommend one.

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