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Link Tune Gauge Display idea.....

Joseph Ottesen

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I was tossing up ideas for my instrument cluster today...... Obviously i could go buy a whole lot of Aftermarket Gauges i.e Tacho, Speedo, Water temp, Oil Temp, Oil Press etc etc..... but to buy good quality gauges its gonna cost a Shite load (seen the price of Defi gauges??? OMG) Ive seen the Link Display and it does look good, but looks as tho it would probably it would be to small to read whilst also concentrating on Driving :D I had an idea of Using a small laptop and using the LinkTune programe for my instrument Cluster, the only problem is the gauges look kind of..... well boring. is there any way to change the visual appearance of the gauges? Cheers for any help Joseph

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I believe there are a few other display products out there that are now using the Link protocol.  A few guys on these forums have said they are going to make a "fast and furios" dash board display for the ECU's but I dont believe any of them finished their projects!  I think a few guys have run PCLink on Linux using a windows emulator but there may be some issues with the com ports.

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