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Configurable serial stream


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I'm looking at a AIM MXL or Race Techonolgy Dash2 setup.

But it seems the data stream from Link is limited. It would be best if all channel outputs were configurable through PC Link. 

I want to have all my sensors wired into Link and then from Link to the dash. Now I have to wire in certain sensors to both Link and the dash which is really unnecessary, plus some sensors output aren't even possible to split.

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Previously Gustaf wrote:

I'm looking at a AIM MXL or Race Techonolgy Dash2 setup.

We have a G4 Extreme and a AIM MXL dash and did have them working together,

although there was a couple of sensors that I did have to wire straight to the dash.

I did have it all working and the dash display working, but since I did a firm ware upgrade it seems to have stopped and I have not had a chance to get back to it. Still in the sorting it all out stage.

What sensors were you looking at having to split or double up on?


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but what I said was that it seems that the data stream FROM the ECU is limited. If that's wrong then sure it's the Dash manufacturer that need to add support. But if the ECU doesn't stream enough information the ECU manufacturer need to increase the data stream.

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I see.

After searching 'data stream command' in the help file within PCLink contents, you will find the following...

Reference Information:

The following information is provided for users wishing to develop their own data display or acquisition system:

· Datastream Request Command

· Status Request Command

· Units Request Command

· Short Datastream Layout

· Long Datastream Layout

· Bitfield Definitions

Going in to each one of those will show you the parametres you may have concerns about.



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