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Racepak IQ3 on link G4 P&P

Reece Bartholomew

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To connect to the CAN/RS232 port you will need one of our CANPCB cables. From this we can supply a serial cable (9pin) or a flying lead that you can hard wire.

Have done a bit of a look and see that racepak have an interface module for Vi-PEC this will also work with the link ecu.

What I couldn't find was how the two connect.

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by the looks in there, ray has said that the interface is not required for racepak anymore so would this be the same with the link?

so if i got a serial cable for the RS232 port from you and got a serial cable output from racepak that may work?


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Also the can/rs232 port in the link is a 5 pin unit, and the racepak V-net cable is a 5 pin unit would it be possible to get one of these (http://www.specestore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=8710_13968_13984_14002&products_id=13225) and wire them up to corresponding pins? as by going by what people are saying that they dont need the unit which lets them talk anymore? cheers

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Yes this would carry over to the Link as well.

For a direct connection if you know the pin info for the racepak then we can help with our end and you could likely get a direct connect.

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