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Link Map issue?

Peter Snowdon

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Linkplus on rover 3.5 After full throttle then a quick change to second a 1 second fuel cut occurs and a Link warning message appears map sensor at ground, this happened whenever full throttle occured in 1st & changing to 2nd. I shifted the map sensor pickup point from beside the throttle body to the rear of the plenem chamber, this seems to have solved the fuel cut issue but the warning still appears. Is the Map sensor on its way out? It appears the sudden change in pressure was effecting its stability? also, does the re occuring warning have any other effect other than visual warning to operator?. Cheers Peter.


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What you are seeing is the engine is pulling very good vacuum on closed throttle to the point the map sensor is reading as low as it can go (0Volts).

Map sensor wise all is as it should be.

Unfortunately I don't have a way to get around the warning popping up all the time.

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