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I have a hard time to get consistent boost pressures.


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I may on one day map my boost map and get a perfect say 240kpa through the revs.

The next day i drive the car i may hit my boost limit at 255kp the second i get in the 'zone'. Or get only 220kpa on the third day. This without touching the map in between.

I use MAP vs RPM axis`s which should resemble some sort of poor mans closed loop BC. Anyone got any suggestions on this one? Or better yet, get the freakin CL BC feature done!

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Hi Steve.

Unfortunately, this is the nature of open loop as you are well aware, but it can be smoothed out some.  If you haven't already, you could increase the rows/columbs and decrease the size of the jumps between zones in DC on the BC table.  This will help stopping it over shooting too much.

My understanding is that closed loop will be released in the next firmware update, so that will be a massive plus! 


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