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LC-1 questions

Joachim Hagg

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Firstly I assume an v6 is wired up to one of the lc1s output wires either the yellow or brown next you need to select lc1 from the wideband profiles if that is all done and it's still not working you need to open up the lc1 programmer (using the black little connector) and see what your voltages are for maximum and minimum afr you then need to create a profile for the wideband using one of the cal tables using these voltages and set an6 to read that cal table

I had to muck around with it a bit as it was set up differently for the power fc I had on before but now works spot on

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The LC-1's two analog outputs are factory configured as Wideband Output (0-5V = 22 - 7,5:1 AFR) to be used as input for a gauge or Datalogger/ECU and Narrowband Output (Voltage jump between 0 -3V at 14,7:1 AFR) to be used as subtitute for your narrowband oxygen sensor.

If you hook up the narrowband output to the ECU, then it won't see a wideband voltage reading as the output resembles a narrowband sensor. What you have to do now is to open the LC-1 programmer software and alter the 2nd output so that it resembles the wideband output. That means 0V @ 22.4:1 AFR and 5V @ 7.5:1 AFR with linear interpolation in between.

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Right you are, mixed up some things here... should stop posting right before bedtime :)

But narrowband generally goes lean to rich for increasing voltage. Heres how to configure the output.



Btw. one hint: you can increase WB sensor resolution by narrowing the sensor range down to 9:1 -> 18:1 for gasoline as you'll rarely encounter situations where you have to measure AFRs richer or leaner than that....

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