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Lambda mounting position???

wayne lockwood

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Final question before I get started on this mission. How far down the exhaust should the lambda sensor be fitted? I have a Bosch LSU4.2 UEGO sensor which runs my AEM air/fuel ratio gauge, but it also has serial output (RS-232 for data logging) and an analog output (0-5v) which I am hoping will be suitable for the link G1plus but it may be too high voltage . Can anybody confirm this? My main problem is where to mount this sensor on my MR2 turbo as the AEM instructions state that on a turbo car, the sensor needs to be at least 36" downstream of the exhaust port to prevent sensor overheat(not even sure if I have 36" of exhaust), but the LinkPlus manual requires it to be mounted in the exhaust manifold as close as possible to the cylinder head! Any suggestions???

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Hi Wayne.

You may have it sorted by now, sorry for the late reply as somehow this one was hiding from me.  It is recommended by Link to install the WB O2 no closer than 1000mm (1M) from the exhaust exit of the turbo.  In my MR2 I had it installed near the bottom of the downpipe and it survived OK.  I get what you mean though, the old girls have got quite short system don't they :)  Just keep it well back from the exit of the exhaust, as this can pull in fresh air and give a leaner reading than actual.


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