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2jz vvti trigger error


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My engine is still not working right! Will upload a log file if someone is interested!

When i get over 60 %throttle and 3500 rpm the engine stalls and cuts. I had some issues with the trigger offset set to -170 when the 1jz help file stated 200. Switced the polarity of the cam sensor, and then the engine started, it idles fine, and all seems fine until it cuts at rpm/load.

Now all of a sudden trigger errors started to appear when the engine cut, the cam angles retard 10 degrees approx on cam angle test, and trigger 1 errors skyrocket. (i have both values on log)

Then all is back to normal and same happens next time i i go full throttle.

When i give 50% throttle, it just hesitates a bit at the same rpm`s as it cut on full throttle, and then it revs fine till the rpm limit. If i floor it at any time though it instantly cuts and dies flat out. Sometimes it dies so hard that i have to neutral it so it does not stop. then it need fine adjustments by throttle to rev again, and then its all fine again!

Does somebody please have any suggestions? I am sure it has to have something with the triggering to do but what?

I am so frustrated with this build right now

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