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Peak and Hold inj

abd al darweesh

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hi. Welcome to all of you . are you well. We are sorry for what happened to the country. I have a question if you don't may. Is there a difference between low impedance injectors and Peak and Hold. Because I have to wear them The question is, I have g4 Red Xtreme . Does it work well with peak and hold injectors or i have to use saturated injectors.

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We are all well. And very fortunate to be able to carry on mostly unaffected.

Peak and hold is the term used to describe a control method  when using low impedance injectors.

So a peak and hold injector will be a low impedance injector.

The G4 Xtreme (red version) can drive low impedance injectors (peak and hold) but you will need a ballast resistor pack to avoid damage to the ECU or injectors.

Or if you wish to not use a resistor (ballast) pack then high impedance (saturated) injectors will be required.



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hi simon, thanks god for well. and thank you for your Attention. I benefited a lot from you. and i am sorry . I have a second question pleas i have g4 Red Xtreme . and my car is nissan r32 with rips rb 30 engine. the car working good in part throttle but whin i run it to high rpm before the rev limit, it's do some thing wrong like miss ignition or inj off.and rev limiter not smooth I make diagnoses, but I did not find anything up normal. There is one thing I am not sure with. It is the ignition system .the q is can I use the original igniter. thanks alot . best regards.

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