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Base map for STi EJ257

David Do

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Hi. My tuner has fitted a WRXLink G3 into my MY04 WRX which has just had an STi EJ257 (from a JDM Forrester, which i've been told is same as USDM and AUS STi EJ257) fitted. I have retained my MY04 WRX Wiring Loom (as the EJ257 didnt come with one) and fitted a cam position sensor to the fron of the engine to accommodate my MY04 loom. My tuner advises that the base map makes the car run really rough and due to differences in the cam sensors. Is there another base map that you can send to best accommodate this engine so that it can be tuned? Cheers David

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The base map has nothing to do with the cam sensors.  If the car does not have stable RPM readings without trigger errors then there is a problem regarding the trigger sensors.  If it just runs rough because the tune is way out, then you need to get it properly tuned...  The base map will not make your problems go away, the triggering problems (if there are any) caused by the replacement cam sensors must be rectified (either in wiring or ECU setup)...

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