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ECU identification

Craig Bainbridge

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I have a pair of Link Plus ECUs, one V10 and one V14.


The daughter boards inside are visually quite different, one has a 4 wire ISC board and the other a 6 wire ICS board, but the other two are quite different too with one having a set of DIP switches onboard.


Any ideas on the config of each?


V10:  LPv10 S/N 428994  and the daughterboard has SUB58VW (17Dec02) and 4 DIP switches on it.

The other is V14: LPv14   S/N 004087 with the daughter board with code 0321 on the board.


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Both could do the job ok. (G4 would be much much better)

Chances are both might need a sub-board change to suit the triggering on the new motor.

Can you post a pic of the V14 ecu's sub-board.



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