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Trigger count Err....

Joseph Ottesen

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Hey, trying to get my 1UZFE running before taking it into someone to be dyno tuned, but im having issues with getting it to fire correctly. The engine i have has been sitting for a while so the first issue i had was no fuel, injectors were gummed up, after some crc and a bit of persuasion they now flow fine. Now when cranking (with fuel pressure) the spark is inconsistant and there is popping out the exhaust. The trid err count climbs at an uneven rate..... Ive double checked that the crank is Trig1 and the cam is Trig2, any suggestions? (running G3LinkPlus, with individual coil overs triggered by two 4xsubaru ignitors) cheers Joseph

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Hi Joseph.

As long as your reference timing and everything is square in accordance with the instructions, even though trig1 and 2 are wired to the right inputs, it sounds as though there might be a high likely hood your reluctor sensor/s polarity is reversed.  Possibility?

These can be checked either with an oscilliscope or if that is not available a steel ruler test.  Quickly bring the ruler toward the sensor with the sensor hooked up to a multimeter, the reading should go positive, quickly away will make it go negative.

Let me know if you have any luck with that.


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