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RB30DET Extreme vs Storm - Suitablility

Louis Meyer

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Hi there. I have decided to buy a link G4 wire in for my RB30DET Laurel. Upon looking into prices, I found that the price difference between the Extreme and Storm is only around $350. Can anyone tell me what benefits I will get through spending the extra $350? The engine is semi-forged and is expected to make at least 500rwhp. I wouldn't mind having a few features like launch control etc as well. The VVT has been blocked off in the head for now, but I would like to possibly use this feature in the future. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Louis.

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The biggest thing the Xtreme will give you over the Storm is full sequential fuel and ignition.

The fuel side will be the biggest plus. Sequential will give a smother crisper engine. And if you get really keen in the tuning better fuel economy.

Other than that you also get a lot more input channels and outputs.

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