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Link plus G3 1uz vvti

Mark Dawe

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Hi, I've picked up a new unused Link plus G3 off a mate for my 1uz vvti E30 BMW project which will be fitted and wired up in the next week or two. I know I can upgrade it to G4 specs, however my budget is very tight. (isn't it always!) I'm aware there is maps for the !uz vvti in the G4 range, however has anyone got a map for the G3? I would love a tuned map (mine has 1 5/8 primary 4-1 extractors, 3" exhaust and manual trans) that will get me close, I understand that no existing map will be spot on and will need to be tuned fully, I have access to a dyno and have done some tuning in the past.(Haltech and Megasquirt) If there is a base map only, is the variable runner and vvti parts of it tuned at all?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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