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Wastegate Sensitivity

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RSROADQ 1992 RS Liberty I'm currently using a Mitsubishi turbo (td05) from early wrx, which I'm led to beleive has a 9psi wastegate spring. I currently have a target of boost of 16psi and the tuner is running a wastegate sensitivity of 3 of 10. He found one either side to be either really slow coming onto boost, or give 3psi ossilations either side for 2000 rpm. Is there anything that can be done to counter this in order to get sharp boost, but not get the spiking past/ossilation with it? Would increasing or decreasing the wastegate spring help?

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Here is an example of setting up old school boost control...

  • Set the target values similar to the boost the engine can actually make.  So if it can only make 5 psi of boost at 2000RPM then set it to a bit more than that.  That stops there being a large difference between the target and actual boost pressures.  And that prevents the waste gate duty cycle getting too high too soon.

  • Set the base number to the value required to achieve the final boost pressure you want to run as that will be used before the closed loop system starts to operate.
  • Set the wastegate RPM value to high enough that the engine is on full boost.  That will ensure the system is in open loop and will only use the base value until boost has settled.
  • Set the sensitivity as high as possible without causing oscillation.

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