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Please help identifying older ecu.

jeff berkers

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Hi, I have an old g1 ecu that's been lying around for ages and i'm trying to work out what engine it's configured for?

There are no numbers on the outer case so I've pulled the case off and not much more luck! The main circuit board has a square chip thingy with a sticker on it ''d42v3'' which i'm guessing says it's an older version 3? and also ''090499'' which is possibly the date of manufacture? it has the date 1998 printed on the circuit board.

It has a smaller circuit board screwed on top of the main one which has the 4 dip switches in a blue lug which are set at 1-on, 2-off 3-on 4-off. also has a smaller rectangular chip with ''cd40106be  h9701'' on it. I was told many moons ago that it was possibly for a SR20 but cannot verify this. So my questions are;

What trigger input is it set up for?

And what do the dip switches do? Can it be changed to run dizzy, wasted spark or cop? provided the correct trigger inputs are used?

Many thanks for any info you may have.

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