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Help with G1 V10 Ecu


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Hello All, I work at a subaru performance shop, and we recently received a 96 subaru outback with a blown EJ20 (Turbo Engine) that had rod knock and we were going to replace the engine with another one. So we installed the new motor and when it came time to start it up we had no success, The engine would not start no matter what we did. Long story short, we determined that the engine was getting 0 spark, and im under the impression that the ECU might have been reset when the battery was out for so long. So basically I'd like to know if anyone could help me get this thing running, as we need to get this car out ASAP. The ECU does have the handheld programmer but nothing I did seemed to work or at least get it sparking. Or (option #2) would be to get ahold of the Serial link so I can hook it up to my computer and load some kind of a limp map. At least something to get it to a tuner. Thank you in advance for all your help.

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The ECU will retain its memory for years with any power. I suspect something is not the same with the new engine.

First thing to look for is if you are seeing an engine RPM on the hand control when the motor is cranking.

Cam timing is another one that is a common catch on Subaru motors.



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