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1jz 6 channel ignitor to g4 storm

jason buchan

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You should be able to unless they have some fancy logic inside the ignighter module.

The ignighters are just what's called a 'Darlington-pair' to sink the coil current, and each ignighter is driven by the ECU (Electronically, the Base goes to the ECU, the Collector goes to the coil, and the Emitter goes to GND

I'm not sure why you would want to run wasted spark, guessing you have a 6-cylinder, with 6 coil-packs on it (1 coil pack per cylinder) why not the ignighter module drive each coil pack?

Are the coil packs wasted spark already (which, yes you should be able to do this) personally, I would convert the Wasted Spark to direct-fire coils without wasted spark....

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