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PCLink Log playback questions/issues

Josh Colombo

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  I am running the most current PCLink software ( & firmware (4.8.5) and am experiencing an odd behavior during playback of recorded log files that were recorded via the PCLink software.  I can playback the log files ok, and the parameters I've setup in the Logging tab are displayed correctly.  However when I go to the tuning tab, none of those values or table show any active movement.  The same thing occurs when I go to the various tables in the Config tab.  It appears that only tables that are more than one row show active tracking of where the data was recorded.


 I do not know if this is normal behavior, but in the older versions of the PCLink software I could go to the various config data and the active tracking window would be displayed based upon the logged data.  If this is normal behavior, is there a way to change it so the various tables and parameters are displayed correctly and based upon the recorded log file?


 I have taken a screen capture video during playback of the log file to demonstrate what I'm talking about.  Any help or suggestions are appreciated.












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Hi Josh.

That is a bit odd.  There is 1 of 3 things possibly happening.  Either there is something weird (I will be testing this today), you don't have 'log all' turned on so the data is not there to play back, or; the data you are looking to play back has not been captured through ECU logging (as opposed to PCLink logging) as it does not capture everything... Also resulting in the data not being there to play back.

If you can definitively confirm you were playing a log back that was captured with PCLink from your laptop, and not with the ECU.  And that you do have 'Log All' selected when capturing from PCLink, that would be appreciated.


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Hi Jurgen,

The log that I am playing back was definitely captured with the PCLink.  As for 'Log All', I am pretty sure that I clicked add all button below the logged parameters in the Setup PC Logging.  I think the only thing I might not have added was some of the CAN bus stuff.  I've gone back and clicked the 'Log All' button just in case.

I don't believe it's the 'Log All' button issue because I had one of the Link tuners send me a log to playback and it did the same thing.  This was a log that was recorded from a completely different computer.

What I will try is installing PCLink on a fresh partition of my laptop and see if it exhibits the same behavior.  The only difference would be the current OS is Windows XP, while the test/new partition would be Windows 7.  I'll let you know what I find out.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Just saw that a new version of PC Link has been released that looks like it should address this issue.  Here are the release notes for the latest version, 4.8.8 (rev 1122).  I'll try it this evening and see if it works.


Release Version 4.x.x.1112


New Features

· Logging sample history.  PC Logging now keeps a rolling history of all parameters selected for PC Logging.  This allows snake trails to be displayed on all tables (previously only displayed on tables being viewed).
· Pre-pend history to log file.  The sample history can be automatically added to the start of PC log files.  Eg if a glitch happens when not logging, can press F8 and catch it in the history.
· Surface graph position and reverse bottom axis setting is now remembered for each table.
· Table snake trails can now be globally turned on, off or paused with a single key (F6).
· Log views now show status type parameters as their actual text labels (eg ON or OFF instead of 1 or 0).
· An option has been added to PC Logging Setup to select either a zoom all or zoom to shortest section upon opening a log file.
· A new option has been added to the log parameter select window to only list parameters actually contained in the current log file.
· An all new axis setup form.
· Settings groups can now be opened from the ECU Settings Menu by pressing Ctrl while clicking on a heading.  Eg This allows all Aux Outputs to be listed in a single settings view rather than clicking Aux1, Aux 2 etc.  Or, viewing of all fuel corrections in one settings tree.



· GP Aux Output switching condition values could not go below 0 when using temperature as a condition.
· The save file name was not reset when changing from one ECU to another that were exactly the same type and FW version but different serial number.
· Extrapolate function did not work correctly on tables.
· Launch Control ignition trim could not go to positive numbers.
· Many memory leaks that could cause excessive memory use when the application is open for extended periods.
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Hi Josh,

Thanks for the time you spent putting the video together and the description of the fault. I have tested for the problem on various versions on PCLink.

On 4.71 the feature did not exist

On 4.81 the feature was introduced, but only works on single row tables after selecting a multi-row table.

On 4.8.5 the problem is the same as in 4.8.1

We have just released version 4.8.8, but we were not aware of the problem in time to have a fix in this release.

I will add the problem to our list of fixes for future releases.

Thanks again for your information.


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