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Base map for an RB28DETT

chris baker

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Hi all after a long build and now a new engine lve had to remove the password by reloading my link G4 storm. l also updated the firmware to the latest version. l reinstalled the Nissan R34 base map as this was the nearest to my car. But now it will not start. does anyone have a better base map for an Nissan Skyline RB 26 engine. Thanks for any help and lve added engine spec if that helps. Nissan skyline R32 GTR spec New N1 block bored to 87mm Trust Greddy cooling line Pistons Tomei Rods ARP Bolts Fardon stroker crank Nismo Bearings Tomei oil pump N1 water pump ARP head bolts ARP Exhaust manifold studs Excedy Race Carbon Core D flywheel + Clutch ATI Harmonic damper crank pulley Cylinder head mild port and polish std valves on 3 position seats supertec duo springs titanium retainers supertec valve guides supertec valve stem seals HKS cams 264deg 9.3mmlift in and out HKS fine tune cam pulleys Tomei 1.2mm MLS gasket HKS 2530 twin turbos HKS actuators HKS Twin manifolds with link pipe. HKS fuel rail SARD Race Regulator Bosch 044 fuel pump Swirl Pot 700 injectors..............l also have 800 injectors if required

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Assume you have configured all your aux outputs and inputs to suit how the storm has been wired.

As if you just put the full plugin map in it will have mixed these up. And they will no longer match your wiring.


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