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gts link max boost on 2.5 bar sensor

daniel verrall

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hey i am running a gts link in my skyline r33 gts t i currently have the standard 2 bar sensor (the little black box) . now i had someone tune this ecu and am i right that the fuel maps run out at 14.7 psi ? can this ecu run more than that ? i also have a prob since i changed coils to new ones. as soon as hard boost comes on it leans right out and like cuts out didnt do it like that with old coils they just broke down thats why i changed them so i think it is the map sensor even though it checks ok voltages as so forth one time when i checked it i was gettin a fluxuating voltage from .4 up to 2 volts just at idle but i have not again had that same reading ,weird!!! i pulled the little black box (sensor) and looked at the board it looked a little corroded. when i run standard ecu it doesnt miss a beat so its something with the link ecu . so i am going to try a new map sensor 2.5 bar can anyone give me some insight on my problem please regaurds dan.

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the coil change has prob cured your misfire.. so if it was tuned with a misfire it'll be miles out,,

if the map sensor is reading nicely across its scale in the software as you drive then there is no problem.

yes your right the sensor will only read 1.5 bar positive pressure (~22lbs boost).

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