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rpm limits

jim bennett

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link g2 on rb25det,engine will exceed soft and hard limits of rpm,promp comes on laptop screen acknowledging limit exceeded,when flat shift laptop says ok but rpms keep going no cut out,launch control will not set at desired rpm,just keeps reving, whats up?what do i need to check,or set up different. thanks

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This is an unusual problem!!!  Never had a situation where the hard limit was exceeded before!  Try upgrading to the latest G2 firmware for a start.  Check your trigger setup.  Make sure that you have the correct RPM limit values set for the engine temperatures.  Also amke sure that you have the hard limit addition set to the number of RPM that it will occur above the soft limit.  eg a soft limit at 7000RPM whit a hard limit addition of 200RPM will cause a sft limit at 7000RPM and a hard limit at 7200RPM.  this goes for all RPM limits including launch and flat shifting.  Any further problems, post you .cpl file and we will have a look...

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