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r33 into 34gtr with link+g2

john powell

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hi all ive got a problem with my gtr,the engine was built and fitted into a 33gtr by rips and was fantastic in there,now i have done a swap with a 34gtr.everythin is fitted and am having probs with the ecu or wireing.i have swapped the cas sensor wires but it does not trigger,also when the ignition is swithced on it stays on until you either unplug ecu relay or remove earth lead. i refitted the stock ecu and changed the cas wires round and its ok,i also tried this way round with the link but still the same. the ecu is the same as when it was removed from the 33 with the adapter, cas sensor is off the 33,coil packs are for the 34 as is the engine loom. any ideas?

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Does it have a hand made adapter or is it actually a LP G3 with a plug in adapter box thingee.  If it is a handmade G2 adapter then you will need to get an auto sparky to fix your wiring issues.  If it is a G2 then the widest slot setting on the sub board will probably need adjusting to get the triggering to work.  Contact Jason at Infomotive for help getting it sorted...

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