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Ignition Dwell Control

Max-Torque Automotive

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Hi Max,

There is currently no way to add an extra parameter to the dwell table (no overlay table). I will add your suggestion to the list. While there is no dwell ducty cycle parameter, 'dwell time' is something that can currently be logged on both PC and ECU logging.



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Thanks scott for the quick reply, I am aware of the dwell time in Milliseconds but having a duty cycle saves me getting out the calculator or making a excel spreadsheet and transfering the data over. Having dwell with a overlay table allows us to make the most out of the coils used by being able to charge the coils more at peak cylinder pressures/ VE where it is needed and have a moderate or low charge time on low load situations for optimum coil and igniter reliability, having a duty cycle on the logging parameters gives me an idea of how long the coil is charging compared to rest time to allow enough cool down time especially on inbuilt igniter coils like the IGN-1a / LS engine coils. 

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