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GTS/GTRLink AC issues

Aedan Glasby

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Hi All,

I have an R33 skyline that's recently been tuned with a Link G4+ plugin (GTS/GTRLink).

I noticed that the AC controls were reversed in that when the AC was engaged via the dash, the AC would be off and then when turned off via the dash the AC would turn on.

I looked into the DI settings in the ECU and changed the "on level" from high to low which seems to have fixed this and the AC controls are now the correct way around, however it seems in this mode that the AC request is intermittently turning off and on every 20 seconds or so with no evident reason why. If I swap the "on level" back to high, the AC controls are reversed again but the AC remains on consistently (and sometimes if the AC is on long enough in this setting, it will refuse to turn off).

I've played with various combinations of the polarity and pullup resistor settings but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Any idea why the AC would be turning off and on when the AC controls are the right way around?

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If the request is coming on and off the ECU is doing as it is told.

Next step is to check the voltage at the ECU input to see what it is doing. This will confirm the DI configuration is correct to the signal.

Currently on you set up we are expecting to see 12V when we want the AC to not run and close to 0 volts when AC is running.

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