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Can not open the files

Gerard Murgadella Casado

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In G4+ PC software, sometimes have a problem to open other map files. I can do one car and after 2 or 3 month, can use this file in other car, can not open the file and in PC software screen have one error missage "Unable to open file named : C:\LinkG4+\PClinkG4+\Base maps\Toyota\Celica ST185 Carlos Sainz IN ECU.pcl"

And now with the new PC link software, can not open any old G4+ files.

Please, could tell me about?



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Good day, 

Can you confirm whether or not you have tried different workstations or laptops? Also, one thing to try would be to backup all of your calibration files to a new (separate) location or storage device, uninstall the PCLink software, delete the Link folder from within Program Files then install the latest version of the PCLink software. When this has been completed navigate to the stored location of your backed up calibration files and try opening them one by one. I can't imagine why this would not work, but if it doesn't please respond accordingly so the Link office might be able to respond accordingly.

Please remember to backup your calibration files in a safe manner so you don't lose them. I don't want to be held responsible for a miscommunication of instructions.


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The early versiond of G4+ software saved the files as .pcl the latest looks for a .pclr file extension.

If you have an old file that is G4+ and is a .pcl if you rename the file to be a .pclr then it will open in the latest pclink.

Alternatively if you are live with the ECU you will be able to open the old file and then resave as .pclr 

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