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linkplus v14 ingnition trouble only sparking on ign3

kyle thompson

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i have just installed a v14 link plus to run my rb25det nissan motor im having some trouble i have set up on the pclink and the genral stuff set to multicoil single coils changed it to genreal and 6 cyl synce pulse ratio to 6 funny thing my injectors are working fine but its only sparking on drive 3 its coming up with sync pulse error ?? any help on this would be much apreciated

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Hi Kyle.

If you take the lid off the unit you will see a small circuit board on top of the main one (called a sub-board).  This needs to be set up correctly.  It sounds as though the ECU is missing it's sync pulse (hence those errors).

When cranking the engine, you want to look at the LED next to one of the rotary dials on the sub-board (set that dial to zero to begin).  As you crank the engine (with injectors disconnected so it wont fire), the LED will flash.

Turn this dial up the scale and watch the LED get dimmer and dimmer.  Wait for it to stop flashing completely (shade it as it can look like it's not flashing, but is, just really dimmly).  Then click it back one click... For that engine it will probably land around 'B' somewhere.

You have now set up your widest slot correctly, which is directly responsible for the sync pulse to be seen at the right time by the ECU.  See how you go with that and let me know how you get on.



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