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dual fuel map dual ignition table and launch control

Jim Papageorgiou

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Is there any hint on this problem. At my G3 i want to work dual fuel and ignition table and launch control as i can see there is only one DI.. so there can be worked only one... either dual fuel and ingition... either launch.. both of them at the same time and without changing anything at the ECU cant be done.. is there any hint or suggestion?

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Hi Jim.

You can do it with a G4, and with G3 Link Plus, but not the G3 LEM.  It is either one, or the other.  Then you will want to dual switch your boost map, and the same thing ocuurs as the LEM has limited inputs.  Solution is to either use a G4 ECU or hope yours is a LinkPlus.  Even if you upgraded to G4 firmware on G3 LEM, it will not help you because of limited hardware.  You have come to the correct conclusion.

G3 LinkPlus = Square in shape (4 plug) : G3 LEM = Rectangular in shape (only 26 pins on 1 plug).


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