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Link G1 v5 questions

Will Kells

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I have just picked up a link G1 v5.

I plan on using it for a 4age 20v / 7afe hybrid motor. I have been reading the install instructions off this website.

My question is to do with cam/crank angle sensing. The link I have has a sticker saying the board subtype is optic/hall type for the type of sensor. The reading i have done tells me the crank angle sensor in the distributor of 4age's is the other reluctor typer sensor. Is there any way of using a different sensor of the type for the link? or wiring the link I have to work with the reluctor type sensor?

Any help welcome.


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Best to take a picture with the lid off the ECU and email to [email protected]

Just to confirm the sub-board fitted, If it is an opto/Hall board you will need to have this changed for a reluctor based one.

The catch is that if you are using the 20V distributor for the triggers we do not have the correct sub-board available as we have finally run out of our old stocks.

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Cheers mate.

Will there be one to suit a 16v dizzy? Or agze? but i'm guessing the 20v and agze will be the same.

I'm wondering if there is some other way to send the pulses? the black top 20v is dizzyless i believe, if so possibly could make something work with that.

Will take some pics and send in when I'm home from work.


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