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2 Issues with a V5/6 plug in

simon gottlieb

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Hey guys ive got a bit of a strange problem.

Problem 1

When ever I have my car on ign the a/c fan (drivers side) is constantly on. I have checked all triggers and cant seem to figure it out.

Problem 2

Is that I keep getting this fault code and it is a standard oxy sensor??

I have tried to change the error low value but it doesnt change. Also this keeps my CE light on

ECU Fault Code 20: An Volt 4 below Error Low value

Thanks for any help


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Hi Simon

Check the configuration of Ignition drive 4 this is controlling the AC fan. In your map it looks to have the incorrect polarity it should be set to low.

For the O2 you will need to set the error low value to 0.00v as the sensor will read 0V at key on.

This will be the case for either wideband or narrow band.

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