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Luis CF

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Hello Scott, thank you for your reply.

I have other questions:

1- The car injectors have an impedance of around 2ohms, I have placed a 4Ohms balasters on each injector. Is this correct. (they are functioning, but I don't know if this is OK...) 2 - How can I setup the idle, what are the parameters on this ECU, because is injecting too much fuel and getting too much smoke. Just to inform that we are trying to setup an engine with ITBs

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Hey Luis,

1) The 4 ohm ballast resistors should work well with your 2 ohm injectors.

2) Here is a link for the V4 manual http://www.linkecu.com/support/documentation/g1-engine-management-documentation/lemv4manual Have a good read through there and come back to me if you still have questions :)

Hope this helps,


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Hi Scott, 

I removed the ITBs and start tuning with the stock intake manifoil, now I can run it in the dino.

The issue is, accelerating the engine i can pass the 5000rpm, but when running in the dino engine can't pass 5000rpm, seems engine is cutting... 

Also, I'm not getting values saved in the ECU, every time i switch off I need to save parameters in the ECU.


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Hi Luis,

Are you tuning the V4 ECU with a hand controller or with a PC?

If using a hand controller to store your changes to the ECU you need to do this: 

"Perform a STORE by pressing BOTH ADJUST buttons together until the display shows ***************** and then release".

If using a PC for tuning there will be a store button in the PCLink software, the button has an 'S' on it.

As far as your engine cutting at 5000 RPM while on the dyno. What are your RPM limits set at? Another possibility is that the dyno is providing more load to the engine than when you are running the engine off the dyno.



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