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G2 doesn't read more than 15.22 AFR from WBL

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I have a Linkplus G2 with the latest firmware (1.9.2 is the latest for the G2, right?) I have my zeitronix ZT2 linear wideband signal connected to Analog Volt Input 1, and selected WB#1 , and Voltage point 1 0V at 9.6AFR and 5V at 19,6V as Zeitronix state is correct. (They state AFR= 2xV+9,6) The wideband sensor ground is connected up to the Link sensor ground. The problem is that when the AFR is high (above 15,22) the Link WB#1 shows no more than 15.22 AFR I have checked the voltage between pin 50 (or 48, the green one, don't remember if thats 48 or 50) and pin 47, and at aprox 18 AFR it measures 4,2Volt, nevertheless the Link (PC link 4.4.3) shows 15,22 AFR. At 15,8 AFR it measures 3,1Volts, and the Link shows 15.22 AFR.. Under 15.22AFR the Zeitronix and the Link shows the same values.. Are there some settings in the PcLink I have missed, a bug or just something else wrong? Regards BÃ¥rd

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I would suggest trying ANVolt 2 for the input and see if the same symptoms occur. From memory one of the inputs did not allow the full 5V span I think it clamped at 2.5 volts.

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