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Michael Connors

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Hello Link Staff, I have now purchased myself a VLLINK plug and play ecu. However I have some questions regarding its features and operation. 1) Im having trouble calibrating the TPS. The VL uses a TPS Switch (on/off idle) as standard, the instructions don't meantion that i need to modify the loom to use the automatic TPS Sensor which the vehicle also has wired to the auto trans ecu. So i assume the TPS Switch is ok to use, however why can't i get the low value to "10" and open throttle value to "100" as the instructions state it needs to be? I can change the value under "TPS Span" to get "10" but when i open the throttle it goes to values other then "100". Under "EDIT" Cell 10 "TPS LOW" i can set a value between 0-220 or so, and then under "EDIT" Cell 11 "TPS HIGH" i can set a percentage between 0% and 99%. Can you please elaborate what these functions do as i played with it for a few hours, but couldn't find any correlation or get the figures to "10" and "100" respectively? 2) Can i change the TPS input to accept a 0-5V variable signal from the Automatic TPS Sensor, instead of the switch, would this be better? 3) Is the TPS used for acceleration enrichment on the VLLINK as the vehicle uses a Switch instead of Sensor? 4) Can you confirm if my ecu has the Automatic Closed Loop Tuning which the manual states the latter versions should have (earlier to be upgraded at extra cost) My ECU details are as follows, Software ID on Hand Controller says "VLCOM 20NOV02" and the chip inside the ecu says "VLCOM 070403" 5) The manual says it has boost control, yet the factory system doesn't have electronic boost control, how is this used, I can only maybe guess that you can disconnect the fuel regulator bleed valve and use that as the boost controller bleed solonoid? If not what pins on the Link Ecu are wired to a boost solonoid? 6) My hand controller doesn't allow or show selection for "Clamp" im not sure if this is needed on my engine as its mild (standard cam) but out of interest was it deleted from the later firmware for some reason? 7) I noticed a heading on the handcontroller that says "OFFSET" from memory, what is this, it seemed to change by itself, think it had a default value of 50, but changed once it was running, is this something to do with the triggering, like the offset trim pot on the ecu, No mention in the manual about this function? Sorry for all the questions, but im sure i can get a real good result and spread the word, if only i can get a little assistance with the above so i can better understand the system. Many thanks in advance. Michael Connors NSW Australia

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Hi Michael

Replied to your first email on the 15/8/06 at 8:45am with attached file with all the info you required.

Recieved second email and replied 17\8\06 at 8:35am also with attached info.



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Hi Simon, Many Thanks for those application notes, they will be invaluable to me this weekend as i fine tune the link for my vehicle. I really do appreciate it. With regards to your first email, i believe it may have been lost by my ISP as they have been having some issues the last week with email. I'm concerned i may have lost other mail as well. Sorry to mess you around, once again. Here is a thread with other Netspace users (my isp) with email issues on the 15th August, just so i don't seem like a complete flip :)http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=573261 Regards Michael Connors

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