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Additional Outputs


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Consider a V8 with direct spark and sequential ignition (There goes 16 outputs!)

Add to that: FAN, Fuel Pump, Fuel Pump PWM, ECU Hold Pwr,  4 * ISC, CEL, and a Shift Light.  (Which is a fairly 'reasonable' list IMNSHO).

If I've read the G4-Xtreme brochure 'correctly', it only has 8 Aux Outputs.  (Apparently the 'older' Silver Box had 10, but the 'Red box' only has 8?).

Looks like I am going to have to swap my GM stepper ISC for a 3-wire (and still tie up every available Output pin!)

It WILL work, but I would have expected additional 'spare' outputs on the 'top end' Link ECU.  (If I ever need an additional output I'll be forced to regress to a wasted spark with 2 coils on each ignition output).

(It's not going to stop me purchasing a Link.  Just making a suggestion for the 'Link-Ultra')

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