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Problem with Possum link

ryan songhurst

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I have bought a possum link for my 1990 Rs legacy and have come across a problem with it, I have a hand controller and the link seems to have a base tune on it with the master fuel set at 89% which seems right from what I read on here, however at 89% master fuel my car overfuels really bad and wont even start, I have to have the master fuel down at around 40% for it to start and idle nicely, the only mod I have that may be affecting this is sti 440cc injectors, any ideas on whats going on? car runs fine with factory computer chipped for the 440's

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Hi Ryan.

40% of 440cc is 176cc, so that would be roughly the same as 89% of say 200cc injectors.  

If the ECU is programmed to use 89% injector capacity for example, then you change your injector size without editing the map as you have tried to do, you will have a very different result in the amount of fuel being delivered.  What you have done without knowing it, is adjust things that probably should have been adjusted, to probably about the right place. 

Always check things off against AFR, and keep an eye on ECT and IAT temps when you are playing with this stuff... If you don't have anyway to detect knock, or see AFR, I strongly suggest you don't do a budget road tune on it, and take it to a pro to be sure things aren't going to screw with you.

The chipped OEM ECU was programmed to accept the 440cc injectors, unlike the Link before you did some adjusting, therefore it worked correctly.





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