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AIM Pista CAN dashboard


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Previously Belguendouz wrote:

Hello everybody.

I'm acutally builiding my engine loom ( with spec55 wire, raychem DR25 heatshrink and Deutsch connectors) and I'm looking how to plug my AIM pista Dashboard with the CAN line to the EXtrem G4 ECU

If somebody can help me, it would be great!


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Hi Gustaf,

The earliest mention of CAN that I can find is in firmware version 4.8.0, however improvements have been made since then, so I recommend running the latest release version, 4.9.3

ECUs with serial numbers greater than 10000 are CAN enabled, this is not just a firmware change, In the G4 range the RX, Storm and Xtreme are capable of CAN.

For ECUs with a serial number of less than 10000 the ECU can be returned to us and we can perform the upgrade.

Yes, a G3 plus running G4 firmware is capable of having the upgrade performed.



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I have an AIM dash currently running on serial and it works well.

The ECU has had the CAN upgrade and so are now looking to get it sorted so we don't have to keep unplugging the dash to download data from the ECU.

I have the two can wires from the ECU and the two from the dash,

is there a problem hooking up the CAN lines without disconnecting the serial wires?

Can I have them both connected but just select to run off CAN instead of the serial?




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