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Subaru 2.5 NA-T: Anyone have a decent base map or know which one I should use?


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I have a 98' Legacy. For right now, I am running the stock 2.5l with STI headgaskets. I started the car on a WRX base map, but the timing is so far off that I don't want to run it like that long enough to play with the timing. Right now it has terrible detonation (I think, it definetly making lots of noise). This setup is running about 10:1 compression, so does anyone have a similar setup, or know which basemap the comes with the PClink would be a better match for me? Any other suggestions? Thanks a lot.

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I know this is awfully late after the fact, but the STI headgaskets are the reason for all the noise in the first place. Your 98 Legacy is using a phase I EJ25D and the pistons clear the block at TDC by a small amount. The STI gaskets are thinner than the stock EJ25D and not allowing enough clearance. What you hear is the pistons kissing the heads. I imagine this has been sorted by now, but if not, surely you're giving your rod bearings quite the punishment. Jay Storm

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