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base map for supra 2jzgte


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Hi there i have just finished installing my g4 extreme with coil on plug using 4 pin coil plugs from a lexus and 6 No. injectors sequential. If anyone has anything that helps to get this thing working would be great. I am going to run the standard 12 tooth trigger and the rear cam sensor. Even a 1jz map would do. thanks in advance!

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Hi Lester.

Have you got a wideband installed?  If so, the default numbers in the Xtreme should be reasonable enough to at least start the engine, idle, and drive on to a trailor or dyno.  What you will have to do is adjust the master fuel number up/down to achieve an acceptable AFR reading from the wideband.  Of course when doing this, keep a very close eye on ECT's.


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Hi Jurgen thanks for the reply. This is the first link ecu i have done and i was wanting to make sure of the ignition configuration with ref to the wiring. I used 6 cops. I wired the coils 123456 outputs then do i just enter the firing order into the software and it will fire accordingly? is this correct? Many thanks

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