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Multi-Point Group mode on a six cylinder engine

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I'm in the planning stages of installing an Atom G4+ on a six cylinder engine with a firing order of  1-6-2-4-3-5. Looking through the manual, it appears that the Link ecu cannot run in semi-sequential, but rather a group mode ? So, my question is, do I wire the injectors in the same order as the waste spark ignition ( 1&4, 6&3, 2&5 ) or do I need to only use two injector drives, one for band one and one for band two, or is there another option? Any help is appretiated !

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Looking into it a bit further, it will not be acceptable to run bank to bank, it would have to be either group fire or semi-sequential in the same order as we group the waste spark setup ( 1&4, 6&3, 2&5 ). The trigger wheel is a 60-2, I have no cam sensor installed. Is it possible to run semi-sequential , or am I stuck with group fire. Would adding a cam trigger be of any help in this situation ?


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You have to run group. If you have high impedance injectors then wire in two groups of three (one drive per bank will be fine)

If low impedance then you will need to do it using all 4 drives drive 1 and 3 firing one bank and 2 and 4 the other.

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