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link g4 storm idle speed air temp trim

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Sorry, this isn’t exactly LINK related, but its to do with my race car running a LINK, first time ive seen this happen so I thought I would share. The race car uses a Devils Own DVC30 progressive controller with built in 3bar map and 250psi pump setup running single 14gph nozzle running totally stand alone as per the last 50+ kits ive fitted. Everything works 100% perfect and 100% normal right up to 2+bar till I start working with my antilag maps. Turbo is making just on 1.8bar for normal usage now, with antilag it runs the same amount of peak boost but on let off it stays + pressure usually .2 to .3bar for 4 seconds before returning to its cyclic idle state. Within 10 seconds of running in antilag mode the meth controller goes haywire and turns the pump on permanently, Ive had to shut the car off immediately (poor $2500 turbo) for fear of hydrolock… Now here is the real kicker, when I turn the ignition back on with engine off, I get the usual 3 flicks of the full light to show it’s a 3bar controller and then the pump comes on and stays on and slowly comes down to a stop then the system seems to work normally again but turns on earlier, IE it turns on at 2-3psi not the 9-10psi it should, then after a while the whole thing goes back to 100% normal. Now lucky my 2.5gallon tank is trunk mounted and I can unplug the pump’s outlet hose out the chassis bulk head and put it back into the tank to let it re-circulate when this happens, problem is why the hell is this happening? The only thing I can think of is the MAP sensor built into the meth controller for some reason can not handle the boost fluctuation when in Antilag, the only reason I think this is that it will only do it in antilag mode and is easy to reproduce, When I use the ECU’s data log to look, I can not see any rapid spiking of the MAP pressure (and the ecu’s map and DVC30 pressure ports are right next to each other in the intake manifold), it stays smooth and stable, do I cant think how this controllers map is getting itself so out of shape? Anyone got any idea’s? or experienced something similar? Total shot in the dark here

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