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Link V4 Misfire or Hickup in my tune

Ron Rob

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I have always had a hickup in my tune whenever I hit about 3400-3600 rpm. It has always been there and never gone away and is consistant. Can't figure it out. Only thing I noticed is that my Link ignitor is not physically grounded, but the ground wire attatched to it is grounded. I have a Lem V4 with a wire in patch so I did not cut my stock harness. Not sure if it is wiring or the ecu itself. Please advise Thanks, Ron

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Hi Ron

Might need a little more to go on. Could be many things but something to try would be to try the other option under priority setting. ie if its on Cyl try Sync or visa versa 

Failing that post up your map and we can have a look at that.

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